Are you up to the challenge?

With 43 Challenge activities located across our 28,000 acres of open space, there's something for everyone! There's hiking, biking, walking, swimming and a few surprises that you, your family and friends, and even your dog will enjoy. Get out, have fun and find your new favorite King County park or trail!

Make sure to take advantage of King County's ParksFinder and TrailFinder online tools! They are great resources for planning your next outing or challenge activity anywhere within King County.

Want to register for the Paper Program? Download the PDF here.

1. Walk the Three Forks Natural Area

NEW for 2017: Enjoy a half-mile leisurely stroll along the river and maybe you'll spot folks floating down the river.

2. Big Bend River Stroll

NEW for 2017: Take a 1-mile stroll down the Cedar River Trail. On a windy day, you might hear some pebbles splashing into the water.

3. Walk Ravensdale Park Interpretive Loop

NEW for 2017: Take a walk on this 2/3-mile trail with interpretive signs about the history of Ravensdale.

4. Hike Grand Ridge Boardwalk

NEW for 2017: Enjoy this approximately 2-mile round trip walk along a boardwalk in the middle of a picturesque forest.

5. Walk or Ride Big Finn Hill Loop

NEW for 2017: Want to get away from it all without having to leave the eastside? Hike or ride through this hidden forest in the middle of Kirkland.

6. Hike or Ride O'Grady

NEW for 2017: Walk or ride an approximately 1-mile old graveled logging road until it ends at a clearing and the river.

7. Hike Margaret's Way

NEW for 2017: Walk Margaret's Way, a beautiful 2.75-mile trail with over a 1200' incline that leads to Debbie's View.

8. Walk Across the Suspension Bridge at Tolt-MacDonald Park

Enjoy the terrific views of the Snoqualmie River and the Cascade Foothills as you walk across the 500-foot long suspension footbridge.

9. Dockton Park Historical Walk

Take a step back in time with this 0.5-mile historical interpretive stroll that includes one mild hill.

10. Marymoor Park Off-Leash Dog Area

This 40-acre off-leash dog park has it all for your four-legged friend. There are 3 river access points, miles of trails, and beautiful views.

11. Walk the Big Backyard 5k to Benefit King County Parks

Register to walk or run the Big Backyard 5k benefiting King County Parks on June 11, 2017.

12. Ride the Marymoor Connector and Sammamish River Trails (8 Mile)

Take an approximately 8-mile bike ride (round trip) along the paved Sammamish River Trail with some scenic views of rivers, mountains and valleys.

13. Ride the Soos Creek Trail (5 Mile)

Enjoy an approximately 5-mile bike ride (round trip) along the Soos Creek Trail through woods, meadows and wetlands.

14. Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park and Trail Hike

Enjoy this lovely hike up to Coal Creek Falls.

15. Cottage Lake Loop

An approximate 0.5-mile paved loop takes you around beautiful Cottage Lake Park.

16. Ride the Cedar River Trail (5 Mile)

The Cedar River Trail is a paved, off-road trail.

17. Five Mile Park Walk

A wonderful and short 0.5-mile trail walk around the park.

18. Ring Hill Forest North End Hike

Enjoy a 3.2-mile hike through one of King County's long-standing working forest sites.

19. Ring Hill Forest South End Hike

This gravel, gently graded trail is 5/8 mile round trip loop that travels through a working forest site.

20. Island Center Forest Hike

This beautiful forested trail is flat and well-maintained. This site is appropriate for hiking or mountain biking.

21. Ride the Preston Snoqualmie Trail (4 Mile)

This paved, gently graded, off-road trail is a beautiful 4 mile round trip along a historic railroad route.

22. Play at Marymoor Park

When was the last time you went to the park to play? The new outdoor gym equipment at Marymoor Park is like playground for adults.

23. Walk the Bird Loop at Marymoor Park

Come see some of the more than 200 bird species that have been observed at Marymoor Park by walking the approximately 2.2-mile Audubon Bird Loop.

24. Choose Your Own Adventure – Pick Your Own Favorite Park and Go Play!

King County Parks loves our 200 parks, 175 miles of regional trail, 215 miles of back county trails, and 28,000 acres of open space but we also know that you love your local parks.

25. Take a Hike or Mountain Bike Ride at Tolt-MacDonald Park

Tolt-MacDonald Park offers 12 miles of forested and riverside trails and is a favorite mountain bike destination.

26. Ride the Marymoor Connector and Sammamish River Trail (22 Mile)

Take an approximately 22 mile bike ride (round trip) along the paved Sammamish River Trail with some scenic views of rivers, mountains and valleys.

27. Ride the Soos Creek Trail (10 Mile)

Enjoy this approximately 10 mile bike ride (round trip) along the Soos Creek Trail through woods, meadows and wetlands.

28. Cougar Mountain Park Hike

From the trailhead go 0.6 miles up hill to the Wilderness Creek-Wilderness Cliffs junction. Follow the 1.5 mile Wilderness Creek trail to the Wilderness Peak trail. Keep following the trails until you make it to the highest point on Cougar Mountain.

29. Play Tennis at Steve Cox Memorial Park

Bring your own tennis equipment and play like the pros at this newly refurbished tennis court.

30. Ride the Cedar River Trail (14 Mile)

Travel North West along the trail (toward Renton) for a scenic 14 mile round trip ride.

31. Maury Island Marine Park Hike

Enjoy the peace and relaxation of a beautiful beach.

32. Ride the Boot Camp Cross-Country Trail at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

The lush forest provides an excellent backdrop for a mountain bike park, the result of a partnership with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Trails are marked green for beginner, blue for moderate, black for most difficult.

33. Pinnacle Peak Park Hike

Follow Cal Magnuson Trail straight up. A high intensity hike, which will take 35-45 minutes.

34. Taylor Mountain Forest Hike

Taylor Mountain is hike, bike and horse friendly.

35. Hike Rattlesnake Ridge

This is a 10 mile hike with a 3,500 foot elevation gain so be prepared. Along the route you will see amazing views.

36. Swim at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center

Bring your swimsuits and enjoy a swim by yourself or with the entire family.

37. Volunteer at a King County Park

Get some exercise and show your support for King County Parks! Volunteer as an individual or as a team. Contact Laurie Clinton our Volunteer Coordinator at 206-477-6113.

38. Hike Spring Hill/Lake Desire

A 900-foot-tall rocky outcrop that provides great views of the two lakes and the Cascade foothills.

39. Play Disc Golf at Dick Thurnau Memorial Park

Bring your own disks and enjoy this high intensity activity that takes you throughout the park.

40. Hike Soaring Eagle Park

From the trailhead follow the Pipeline Trail and explore the beauty of Soaring Eagle Park.

41. Hike Moss Lake

Moss Lake is comprised of 372 acres of high-quality wetland and forested upland habitats. An extensive 150-acre wetland complex encompasses a large sphagnum bog.

42. South County Ballfields Walkabout

Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the ballfields. This paved walkway is a short, family friendly activity with a great view of the fields. Walk and watch kids play ball.

43. Ride Black Diamond Open Space

Looking for a mountain bike park in South County? Look no further than Black Diamond Open Space. This place has over 5 miles of trail. It also borders Henry's Ridge which has 14 miles of trail.